As a product development company our goal is to develop, test, invest in tooling and setting up full production in China with partners we have been working with for many years. But development without sales is ridiculous so we work with and still search for more partners to distribute our products into their own market. We believe that local distributor have the knowledge to make it a succes. So if our products are not yet available then contact me.  

Regarding Pizzarette, this is a product unknown in most countries. Finally a nice family diner everybody making their own small tasty pizza after the other. As online sales is becoming bigger and bigger people don’t see it unless our partners do the online marketing job. So, we demand from our partners to promote this new way of funcooking as we don’t want you to get stuck with your 1st stock, but creat the demand like we did in The Netherlands.

Regarding BBQ2GO, you only need 125gr of charcoal to grill smokeless for about 45min. Not long enough just add charcoal. With this model you can grill directly and with the accessories you can grill indirectly, make pizzas or just it for slow cooking or smoking. It is portable, ready to grill in 6 minutes, easy to clean and store after use. Yes you can grill 1kg of Ribeye in just 16min from starting up.


Interested in our products, then please contact me, Rob Smedema, with your company details and let me know what you can do for our product(s) in your country. I will be happy to send you further pricing information FOB China to ensure you get the best possible price or arrange samples. 

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