Grillerette Basic

Foldable BBQ

Having a BBQ in the park a lot of hassle? Not with our Grillerette Basic!


  • foldable
  • perfect for Briquette bag or instant BBQ’s
  • very light and easy to take with you 
  • prevents the grass or table from getting burned
  • prevents meat from drying out thanks to the rack that can be placed in two heights
  • including rack and handle
  • more and more countries forbid the instant bbq. Using Grillerette Basic is the solution.

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Video: How it works

Eco friendly Briquette Bag refil

...or place charchoal in aluminium tray

A silkscreen logo to personalize the Grillerette Basic

Carry bag, optional with logo

Optional Full color box for Grillerette Basic

Grillerette Basic folded