Grillerette Classic

Grillerette Classic with wire grid

Smokeless bbq with a fan

The Grillerette Classic is also a smokeless bbq with heat control by a fan. Within minutes you are ready to use the grill, because the combination of lighting gel and airflow. It will get the charcoal burning in only 2-3 minutes. Because the grease from the food runs to the side instead of dripping on the charcoal, there will be no smoke. With lid and grill rack you can also grill indirecty Also there is an extra Pizza -Set (to be combined with the lid).

– smokeless BBQ
– a fan enables you to control the heat of the charcoal
– double walled base keeps the outside cool during usage
– easy to clean griddle and grease collector

Indirect grilling with the lid

How it works

1 or 2 layer bag optional

Crispy pizzas with original pizza stone


Color box Grillerette Classic