Grillerette DeLuxe​

The Grillerette Deluxe

The Grillerette DeLuxe has been developed for maximum comfort.
Within minutes you are ready to use the grill, thanks to the the combination of lighting gel and airflow. It will get the charcoal burning in only 2-3 minutes. 

Remarkable is the fact that you can use the whole surface of the grill plate for grilling, because it’s evenly heated. Most portable BBQ’s do not have this feature.

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– smokeless BBQ
– a fan enables you to control the heat of the charcoal
– double walled base keeps the outside cool during usage
– easy to clean griddle and grease collector
– several up sell accessories available
– grill plate is evenly heated so grilling on the whole surface
– ready for use in only 3 minutes

Remarkable is the fact you can use the whole surface of the grill plate for grilling, because it’s evenly heated. Most portable BBQ’s do not have this featureand and are only hot in the middle. Below you can see the temperatures on our grill plate; you can see that the whole grill plate gets hot! 

Because the grease from the food runs to the side instead of dripping on the charcoal, there will be no smoke.

Evenly heated grilling surface​

Lid and wiregrid

For indirect grilling



Crispy pizza’s with original pizza stone

The lid is necessary 


For indirect grilling


Duo grill plate

Cast aluminium grill plate with 2 sides


We have developed several videos, for more videos and for the ability to download the videos 

Different types of bags available

Optional: USB cable

Optional: Tong and brush