Grillerette Rotisserie

Grillerette Rotisserie - New 2018

Did you ever had dry or burned meat on your BBQ? Because all heat comes from one side? Not with Grillerette Rotisserie! This Grillerette Rotisserie set is a great addition to your BBQ. The motorunit slowly turns around your chicken or other food, which ensures a juicy result. You can even walk away for a while and make a delicious salad on the side. The rod turns very stable, even though the food never is perfectly shaped.

Standard set: Motor unit, rod (65cm) and 2 sets of clamps 

Up sell items: Basket, Grease drip tray 

Suitable for BBQ’s with wall thickness of 1-30mm and max. 57 cm diameter.



Runs on kettle BBQ's and has anti-fire drip tray

Interesting facts

  • Evenly heated food
  • Super silent
  • Easy fixing
  • Runs on 4x AA battery for about 10 hours
  • Turning speed 2 rpm
  • Easily carries 4kg of meat 
  • Ex works China

Fits on every BBQ like Kamado

Fits on every BBQ with a grate

Basket small

Basket large

Stainless steel fixation

Grease drip tray combined with basket

Fits on any BBQ rack

Basic parts

Rotisserie motor separately available