Grilling in the Microwave

Microwave Grill double tray

Makes metal heat up

The function of a microwave is heating food up and until now it was impossible to grill food and realize a crispy toast, grilled meat or fish in a microwave. With this new product you first heat up the Microgrill pan up to 240degrees Celsius and then grill meat, fish and much more with the brown lines like on a bbq.

This Microwave Grill double-side tray makes metal heat up in the microwave oven creating the perfect grill function. It’s exact the same cooking principle as using a frying pan on the stove, but enjoying the fast microwave cooking speed, freedom and convenience!


Heating element: Absorbing microwaves and convert them to heat, then heat transfers to the metal plate and cooks the surface of food. At the same time, food’s nutrition and moisture is well sealed inside and keeps its original taste and flavor. 

  • Nonstick coating tray
  • Easy cleaning, dishwasher safe
  • Silicone handle, heat resistant and easy to take after cooking
  • Enough space to make your favorite food in the microwave oven to get the golden brown cooking (more than 5cm)




Pan for all kinds of dishes

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