Pink Luminous Breast

  • Pink Luminous Breast is FDA Class 1 approved in the US. This means it’s a safe, not medical device, comparable with an ear thermometer.
  • CE certificates for EU available. 

For every woman

The Pink Luminous Breast is for every woman. Pink Luminous Breast is useful for women with hormonal variation that may cause changes in breast tissue and for women who have fibrous breasts that feel lumpy. This device can help identify the normal breast tissue and determine any tissue irregularities.

Pink Luminous Breast will give you the opportunity for inner view of your breast. By shining a bright red light through the breast tissue, Pink Luminous Breast will provide a maximum light transmission to the breast tissue to create small fractions of light which can pass through the breast completely. The light will pass through the breast tissue revealing areas in which blood is present. It is best to use this in a dark room to ensure better vision of maximum features. The light is completely harmless and provides no opaque rays.

Once the light hits the blood vessels in the breast, it will be engrossed by the hemoglobin, showing  patterns of veins. If any dark clusters are seen, this may be a  potential of an abnormality. In this situation, a doctor visit is necessary.

A very bright light

The Pink Luminous Breast provides a view of the breast tissue to see any suspicious shadows or lumps increasing over time. Through shining a very bright light of specific rates that most penetrates breast tissue, it is possible to detect darker and denser spots.
The breast light device can be utilized even by menopausal or post-menopausal women. During or after menopause as women noticed the thickness of breast tissue has changed. Also, women with fibrous breasts can benefit from Silk Luminous Breast, as it will differentiate between normal breast tissue and parts where blood vessels are extant exposing possible abnormalities.
While using Pink Luminous Breast, the dark areas can be viewed as well. These shadowy areas or dark spots may be abnormalities in the breast.

For complete peace of mind, any apprehensive signs should be addressed. Wether a dark shadow noticed with breast light, a strange feel in the nipple or a lump that is felt with the hand, a visit your doctor is recommended.

Easy to use at home

What will you see?

The Pink Luminous Breast offers the chance to see what is inside the breast! This device allows views of the the small veins and blood vessels in the form of dark shadow lines inside the breast, which that naked eye cannot see. These the veins and blood vessels  are absolutely normal, and should not cause any panic. By placing the device below the breast, you’ll see small dots around the nipple which are part of the mammary gland. Again, this is normal. If this is what is seen, the breasts are healthy.

How it works

Pink Luminous Breast provides awareness about important issues in the breast. It is necessary to be informed and knowledgeable about  what is  happening inside the body. This device grants an internal view of your breast. Using the Pink Luminous Breast in a dark room the internal part of the breast can be seen. The darker it gets, the better. Sit or stand in a comfortable position. The device comes with brightness settings to adjust the level of brightness.

Health and safety

Pink Luminous Breast light completely safe to use and has no side effects. The light is entirely harmless.

The Pink Luminous Breast is the best device to perform breast self-examination. Pink Luminous Breast can be ideal for those who feel uncomfortable doing monthly breast checks on their own.

Not all abnormalities are cancerous, many are a minor condition that can be simply treated.  If any abnormalities or changes are detected, it is important to consult GP immediately, and examined as soon as possible. Early detection is extremely important, so if the detected abnormality is cancerous, this will ensure the best possible opportunity for successful treatment.

Pink Luminous Breast is not recommended for women to use during and after pregnancy, as it may develops the blood store to breast tissue and makes the breast bigger, causing false reading with breast screening. Wait for at least six months after pregnancy.

Continuous use of the Luminous Breast, will provide insight about inside of the breast, granting a far deeper understanding than what is seen or felt on the outside. A heathy looking breast on the outside, may not ensure a heathy breast on the inside. Education is one of best weapons against breast cancer. Pink Luminous Breast is the tool that can help win that fight.

Regardless of shape, race or age, it is highly crucial to be breast mindful and check the breasts once a month. Pink Luminous Breast is the perfect device to insure the most complete check. Breast cancer is one of the most common causes of death in women. According to a study, millions of women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and thousands of them die from the disease. Since 1990, the rates of breast cancer deaths have been reducing steadily due to earlier detection and improved treatments. Pink Luminous Breast is a key component to assist in early detection of breast health.

Lin Yang

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