Real Nails Polisher

Two models: Glass with logo | Anti slip with design

That's easy shine!

One step - Real Nails Polisher

Perfectly polished nails, no salon needed. Which woman doesn’t want her own nails to be shiny in such a simple way? Simply rub the file over your nails, and you’ll be amazed by the shiny look of it. The shine lasts up to 2 weeks.

  • Works in seconds to leave naked nails with a product-free shine
  • Glass shiner with micro raised etched cylinders etched onto the surface, a technique used in electrical engineering
  • Two models: glass with logo or anti slip with design
  • Easy-to-use, anytime of the day
  • Gives naturally glossy look on the go
  • Attached portable case
  • No chemicals

No more chemicals on your nails | Use it anytime of day | Guaranteed glossy effect up to 2 weeks!

Blister packaging:

See the difference!

With portable case

Micro raised etched cylinders

Anti slip with design

Various designs possible

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