Roto Caddy

Roto Caddy - New 2017

Are your bottles, cans and spices in your kitchen out of control? Are there too many bottles and spices which are already expired when you notice them? Roto-Caddy provides great storage and easy access to bottles, jars, cans, spices and more. Just spin and take. Your spice bottles or cans are always easy to find and you can get more room in your cabinets.
Roto-Caddy comes with 3 sizes which can locate different sizes bottles, cans, jars, spices, prescription, cosmetics and supplements. Unlike a typical rotating carousel, the Roto Caddy has two built turntables that bring items from the back to the front with a push of the finger. 


  • organize cans and bottles
  • maximize space efficiency
  • available in 3 sizes

Multiply The Capacity

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