Skimming Blocker

“With a simple reader and free app criminals stole my credit card data like cardnumber and expiry date. After my account was cleared and we investigated, we learned that even without a CVV code criminals could order online at Amazon. Amazing, but true. Check it yourself. So all my cards with a wifi logo can be contactless skimmed, and I needed a solution.”

Average risk 2.500€ for Credit Cards

“After the Credit Card number and expiry date were skimmed contactless they had my card number, expiry date and name. That is all they need to order on your expenses on a site like Amazon. A CVV or Pincode was never asked. There are many more websites where no security code is asked. “

This data was also enough to clone the Credit Card and have criminals pay at those locations where a fake signature is still enough. There are many places around the globe where that is still common. The average limit on credit cards is 2.500€ so that is your risk too. 

Introduction video about risks and the solution.

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Your identity is stolen just as easy

Did you know that all new ID’s, driving licences, passports and entry passes work with the same contactless technology? The risk here is that your identity is used by criminals for illegal activities where you could be helt liable for. How do you proof you didn’t do what cops claim you did when you are locked-up during investigation? Be save and make sure you are protected for this huge risk. 

How does Skimming Blocker work?

When a criminal with a NFC reader gets near you, the electromagnetic field from this reader activates the Skimming Blocker immediately. It sends out a jamming signal, making all other cards “invisible.”

  • No battery needed
  • It protects up to 12 cards
  • No sleeves necessary for each card
  • also protects ID cards with NFC
  • 5 year guarantee